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Power Steering Pump leaks
I just replaced my original oem power steering pump on my 72 convertible and the remanufactured pump from Advance Auto (part no. 20-6174) is leaking worse than the 42 year old pump that was removed. Although I only have 62K on the odometer, I figured a new pump was the best way to go. The Type F fluid looks to be leaking out the front shaft seal.

If I return it, will the replacement pump leak due to quality control issues or should I try to replace the pump shaft seal myself? Not sure if the seal is an easy fix.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!

I have replaced the return hose a few years back. Original pressure hose is still attached.

well you can get a rebuild kit for the unit easy, but you need some special tools to work on it like the pulley puller and installer.

it is possible the reman pump had issues, i would return it if you still can and get another one and see if that one leaks, if it does then try another source besides advanced auto.
I got my replacement pump off a junk 71 and i rebuilt it myself. but i got a spare Reman from ford 73 pump just in case.

i've had issues with one company putting out reman parts and i went somewhere else and didn't have a problem. so it depends on whom is rebuilding the units.
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