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Power steering overheating?
About a month ago I was stuck in traffic on a hot day for about 2 hours. Towards the end of the 2 hours the power steering started acting up. It felt like the pump was not working and it was hard to turn the wheel. Once I got on the highway and things cooled down everything was back to normal. The other day I was driving around for about an hour and it started acting up again. I guess my question is can the pump or fluid overheat or do you think maybe the pump is getting ready to fail? Any suggestions are appreciated.
Everything else overheats under the hood, why not the steering? Heh heh kidding aside the 429's had PS in line coolers from the factory, and creeping in traffic for 2 hrs myself a few times has had my idiot lights flickering many times, though i never noticed steering stiffness. The factory cooler was a small finned "U" tube above and in front of the drivers side valve cover. I have looked at after market pieces; inexpensive and easy to install. Might not be a bad idea since you're concerned. A fluid flush never hurts anything either. But get a bypass unit if you drive in sub zero winters. If you think you want to swap in a new pump i bought one fron Rock Auto not long ago.
How hard to change with a 302 A/C?

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I'd say your pump is losing pressure and on it's way out.
mach1000;188163 Wrote:I'd say your pump is losing pressure and on it's way out.
I'm afraid that I think you are right. If it continues that will be the first thing I do.
mach1000;188163 Wrote:I'd say your pump is losing pressure and on it's way out.

I totally agree, as the oil is heating up its thinning out, and the pump is most likely not maintain the pressure, but as you get going it cooling down it gets thicker again, and the pressure builds right up.

wait I think I just repeated what was already said!!! Dodgy

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Or you may just need to drain, flush and fill as fluid can deteriorate or accumulate moisture etc.

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What are anyone's thoughts on not using type f for power steering? I've heard to run regular hydraulic fluid or whatever GM cars used in the early 70s.
I use the stuff labeled power steering fluid. We flushed out my son's 1972 and just went to Autozone and used Prestone power steering fluid. I believe it was a clear like fluid and the power steering seems to work fine and no noise. Not sure if that is an answer, but it is what I use.
The correct fluid is type F. However I run valvoline max life ATF in mine.

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