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power steering hoses and routing
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(07-05-2017, 08:17 PM)Paul113 Wrote: Can anyone steer me towards the proper power steering hoses and where the best place is to get them. The pressure hose on my car has a female sae 3/8 connector that connects directly to the hem pump. Every time I order one for the 71 they send me one with a female inverted flare connection. NOT CORRECT! Any help here and a few photos of the proper routing would be greatly appreciated.

 I'm sorry, I'm missing something. What is a "hem" pump? The stock PS pump on the 71 Mustang is the Saginaw round pump is it not? If so, then there are hoses available that fit directly. NPD sell them. Here's a pic of my 71. (The bottom pic is actually a friends car as it shows the PS pump better.)
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EDIT: OK, I went and looked at mine and I see what you mean, the H/P tube OFF the pump. However, I don't see why the problem with the fitting. It is a straight 3/8" nipple I'm sure. The hose I got, fitted perfectly and other than not being quite 'correct', lettering and length of the foam insulator. 72/73's did not go over the shock tower brace, only 71's.

I learn something new every day!
[Image: 061d48d9df61134eebddc3190ff77e0f.jpg]

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[Image: 8f9e2aae816e21f0bf5984606e8b2424.jpg]

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That is one one I made. Works great. [Image: 5685ea6e67c42e98d2ac4a17bab4222e.jpg]

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