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power steering hoses and routing
Want to sell it?

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(07-05-2017, 08:17 PM)Paul113 Wrote: Can anyone steer me towards the proper power steering hoses and where the best place is to get them. The pressure hose on my car has a female sae 3/8 connector that connects directly to the hem pump. Every time I order one for the 71 they send me one with a female inverted flare connection. NOT CORRECT! Any help here and a few photos of the proper routing would be greatly appreciated.

 I'm sorry, I'm missing something. What is a "hem" pump? The stock PS pump on the 71 Mustang is the Saginaw round pump is it not? If so, then there are hoses available that fit directly. NPD sell them. Here's a pic of my 71. (The bottom pic is actually a friends car as it shows the PS pump better.)
Like My signature says," I learn something new every day" so inform me.
EDIT: OK, I went and looked at mine and I see what you mean, the H/P tube OFF the pump. However, I don't see why the problem with the fitting. It is a straight 3/8" nipple I'm sure. The hose I got, fitted perfectly and other than not being quite 'correct', lettering and length of the foam insulator. 72/73's did not go over the shock tower brace, only 71's.

 I learn something new every day!
[Image: 061d48d9df61134eebddc3190ff77e0f.jpg]

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[Image: 8f9e2aae816e21f0bf5984606e8b2424.jpg]

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That is one one I made. Works great. [Image: 5685ea6e67c42e98d2ac4a17bab4222e.jpg]

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Hey guys, thought I'd post here instead of starting a new thread. I have a power steering pressure hose anomaly that I need help with. I just received a new 3A719 -A hose from CJ's, and it is incorrect for my '73 Q code (DoM 1/73). I've researched the threads here and checked available hoses from numerous vendors, and I can't locate one that has the same bends on the gearbox side as my original according to available pictures. The new hose is also about 2 inches too long, although that might be partially due to the bends. Any help locating the correct hose is very much appreciated! Bonus if you can find one with the bump to accommodate the alignment plate for the two tubes.

[Image: 20190629-141250.jpg]

[Image: 20190629-141311.jpg]

[Image: 20190629-141105.jpg]
This one looks more like yours, but I don't know about the ridge

I would contact Don at OMS,see what he says about it.

You may have to take your hose to a hydraulic hose shop or parts store that rebuilds them. They will put new hoses on your fittings.

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Thanks Don. We'll see if he responds here with some insight on his part vs mine.
Here's another pic of the two hoses side by side. Has anyone else experienced this mismatch with a 3A719-A hose? I PM'd Don at OMS, but have yet to get a reply on whether his hose is the same as the one I got from CJ or if I should just bend this one more to approximate the old hose. It's still too long though....

 [Image: 20190630-163807.jpg]

That is the same as mine.  It is very tough in my opinion to get good repo hoses for Power Staaering or AC.  I figure there is no sense in wasting more time on hoses, since mine is not 100 percent original anyway.  

Those can be points upgrades if I ever get to a show circuit. 

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