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power steering hoses and routing
Can anyone steer me towards the proper power steering hoses and where the best place is to get them. The pressure hose on my car has a female sae 3/8 connector that connects directly to the hem pump. Every time I order one for the 71 they send me one with a female inverted flare connection. NOT CORRECT! Any help here and a few photos of the proper routing would be greatly appreciated.
You may be missing the "S" shaped adapter/extension tube. Look at the illustration in post #2:

Someone probably had a custom hose made.

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Hello Paul113,

This is a difficult part to find. You may be able to make one yourself. The male threaded side looks like your typical 3/8 brake line nut (87945-S). The Female nut (379429-S) maybe a 1/2 flare nut.

[Image: 1349280032_v.jpg]
[Image: 1349280033_r.jpg]
Source: West Coast Classic Cougar

[Image: Discount_H1.jpg]

[Image: Discount_H0.jpg]

Local Auto Parts Store

[Image: Dorman.jpg]

Just some ideas.

hi paul, I have that piece if you need it, other than some old black paint on it good cond. just cover shipping
paul, which pump are u using ?? the ball type or more of a skinny but kinda tall one. they take different hoses, or at least the pump side is a different angle from what i've seen.
73pony here made a custom power steering S tube for me 2 years ago and it's been working fine.

I did find a used one on ebay, but it leaked also.

Otherwise, these are about impossible to find and aren't aftermarket made.

[/url][Image: mbpsrsig3_zps456db2cb.png]

You may want to consider fettling the metal piece that runs from the condensor to the compressor on the A/C. Its L shaped but may bend to your will if heated slightly

1971 Grandé
I bought one from Don at OMS four or five months ago. I'd give him a shout.
I am looking for one of these S hoses as well. Any luck locating one?

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I have one in my parts car.
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