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Power Steering Gear Box
Hey guys, I have all of a sudden developed a leak from my power steering gear box cover. Can I remove cover while it's in the car and replace the o ring? By the looks of the diagram in the shop manual, it looks like I should be able to. I did check the cover bolts and they are tight.

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You are probably better off pulling the entire box out of the car and doing the work on a bench.

The stud with the nut in the center of the cap is connected to the Sector shaft.  You would have to remove all four bolts on the cap, the locknut for the sector shaft adjustment stud, then turn the stud a few dozen rotations until the cap came off.  Install would be reverse, then you would have to properly set the adjustment while the box is in the car, which isn’t ideal.

If you pull the pitman off you can draw the sector shaft and cap out as one assembly.

Tons of pictures in this thread that might be of use, plus pics and links to Saginaw manuals.
Thank's Bentworker for all the great advise and info. I figured it would probably be easier to remove it to. I just removed and replaced it about this time last year cause the input shaft was leaking and bad, damn now this.
It really wasn't that bad to remove, my car is very clean and I had to replace the pitman arm a couple years ago, so it's been apart a few times. (a few times to many now, lol)

run_horse Run Horse Run!
John 72 Q Code
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