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Power Polishing your Mustang for Top Results
Hi to all,
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There's a new generation of power polishers that have hit the international market over the last few years to wax and polish your car. Random orbital action polisher machines have taken over traditional rotary buffer/polishers to produce excellent swirl and haze free perfect results. The random polishers can be purchased for good prices and cater for the novice or home user, and are very user friendly, and give excellent results.

I own one of these machines myself and the results it delivers are really fantastic. Black and dark colors end up crystal clean and clear with no haze, scratches, or swirl marks at all.

From a technical point of view, paint Correction is a term used for describing the process of polishing car paint using abrasive polishes to permanently remove the imperfections, swirls / scratches, from the surface. This is achieved through machine polishing.

Other popular terms are ‘cut’ or ‘buff’ but these can refer to a usually quicker, cheaper option that is sometimes mistaken for disguising the imperfections, rather than correcting them, to achieve a shine on the paint.

If you are an enthusiast or beginner then look towards a Random Orbital / Dual Action Machines. These are very safe and easy to use even for first-timers. Stay away from Rotary machines which need considerably experience to master.

Tips before starting:

Try to work inside, if not always in the shade and ensure the paint surface is cool. Make sure your car has been washed thoroughly and dried. Prior to polishing it is important to prepare your car paint properly, clay barring is usually required to leave a clean contaminant free smooth surface.

What you need: A Random Orbital / Dual Action Polisher, A roll of masking tape, Quality Polishes, Foam Pads, A soft Microfibre cloth, An extension lead


Firstly tape up all the delicate areas of the car that you do not want to polish such as rubber seals and plastic trim. Use a quality masking tape, like 3M, blue to avoid unnecessary cleanup.

Then take your Dual Action / Random Orbital Polisher and attach it to the extension lead ensuring you have ample length to go around the car with ease.

The Polishing Foam Pads stick onto the backing plate of the polisher using Velcro. There are a range of pads with differing levels of density/abrasion ranging from Heavy Cut (to remove deeper marks and scratches) down to Finishing (to remove light marks and enhance the gloss). You should always start with the finest pad that you think will achieve the correction needed.

With Polishes, use a quality brand that will remove the marks and scratches and not just fill them, something like Menzerna, which is a brand that i use for top results. Similarly to pads there are a range offering differing levels of cut and gloss, these should again be chosen to suit the level of correction needed and the pad being used.

Next place the cord of the polisher over your shoulder so that it does not knock against the car and mark the paint.

You will not need lots of polish if you are using a quality one, place a few (3-5) small drops onto your pad and then dab the pad onto the area you wish to polish. Usually you would tackle small areas of the car at one time, perhaps half of a panel such as the boot.

Start the polisher when it is placed on the surface and start on the lowest speed setting, number 1. Then lightly cover the area that you are going to correct with the polish, no pressure is needed, you are simply spreading the polish, just like spreading butter over bread.

Then increase the speed controller, if you are correcting medium to heavy marks or cutting, a speed of 5 or 6 is required. Apply only a small amount of pressure, the polisher will do the work. Always travel in passes from left to right and then up and down in smooth slow motions. This will ensure 100% coverage and even results. Work over the surface until the polish is broken down, typically about 5 or 6 passes in each direction.

After this switch off the polisher (and turn the speed control back to number 1), wipe off any residue with a soft, clean microfibre cloth. If you have corrected the imperfections then you can move to a finishing polish or straight to a sealant/wax. If there are still imperfections to remove you can consider repeating the previous step or even move up to a harsher pad/polish to remove more of the scratches or swirls.

After the first stage of correction, if the majority of the marks are removed, and you are satisfied, then you might look at a finishing polish to refine the paint and enhance the gloss levels.

This is done in exactly the same way as the first stage but with a finishing pad and a lighter polish. Again apply the polish to the pad and cover the area, then increase the speed (probably just 3-4) making sure that you complete 4 or 5 passes from each direction. After wipe away any residue with a soft microfibre cloth.

With the combination of a Dual Action Polisher, a small range of quality polish and pads you can achieve permanent paint correction for swirl marks, scratches and other paint defects, leaving your paint sparkling, glossy and deeper in colour. I have provided a reference where polishing machines can be purchased in America. This website is also a great reference for the car care enthusiast.


For a demonstration of this topic please see the video link below .....




Good Day Greg... that is one hell of a post! Very easy to read and informative. Maybe it should go in the how to or wiki forum. This will be one to reference when buying the necessary material and also doing the task. Thanks for posting.

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Great info.

Thanks for posting it.

John J
Thanks Guys,

hope it's of benefit to you.


Good post Greg thumb

Mate can you recommend a retailer here in Aus or even suggest a novice kit, something that would be suitable for new cars as well as the classic's. PM me if you are not comfortable with naming names

He has all the vices I admire and none of the virtues I despise
Outstanding information Greg! Thanks for posting. I see shiny, swirl free paint in the future for many of our member's 71-73 mustangs thanks to this post.

[Image: 386_07_10_13_5_58_42.jpeg]
My Mustangs:
71 M-code Mach 1, Medium Blue/White Sport, 4R70W, 3L50, Factory Ram Air.
72 Q-code Mach 1, Pewter/Black Sport, 4-spd, 3L25.
65 Convertible, Britney Blue/White/White, more modified than original.
05 Convertible, Legend Lime/Tan/Tan, future classic??
Great post. Thank you. Chuck
Hi Greg thank you for charing this great new products whit us :-D Regards Lars DK73

So I'm a proud owner of one Mach 1 73! Regards Lars DK73whistling
I also would like to know if you recommend any particular brands. I've personally had good luck with the meguiars ultimate compound and ultimate polish, but only tried it so far by hand. I do have the dual action polisher that comes with the power system kit but have only tried it on small areas. I'm always curious to know what other people are using.
Thanks very much again for your feedback guys,

I will answer Luke's and Zaxwax's questions in one basic reply if i may. Guys, i purchased my machine and polishing products here locally in Brisbane where i live from a local company called Car Care Products. Luke, i will give you their contact details and company profile link below.

I opted out to buy a machine that is considered a mid range tool. By that i mean that it is ideal for the starter and home use, and is also suitable for the pro to use all day. My machine features a 500 watt motor, and has plenty of grunt on any speed. The brand is called Mint. I don't know if this brand is available for purchase in America, but Google research might reveal that information. I love my Mint polisher, and would highly recommend it to anyone for top results.

When i bought my polisher, there was a promotional offer on, which included three sample sized bottles of polishes and foam pads called Menzerna. This is a high quality German company and i really love how their products perform. I had not tried their polishes before in the spray shop, but was very impressed how they worked and the results they delivered.Again, i would highly recommend Menzerna products to the people out there for top results.Menzerna products are available in America, and i have provided a link below as to where to buy from.

Here are some links below guys that will tell you in detail the whole story in relation to what you need to know.

Your References ...............................







Thanks guys and i hope that is a help for all,


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