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Power Door Locks
Does anyone make a power door lock kit for 71-73 cars? I can only find 65 - 70.

If not, does anyone have a recommendation for a generic kit they have installed and are happy with?
Wdills, where did you find power door kits for 70 mustangs? I have been looking for one.

The handles are very different on 71 to 73s than they are for earlier models. 1987 and 1988 Lincoln continentals and some later year Mercury's had the same door handles, I wonder if they had power door locks and if they could be adapted to our cars. Just a thought.

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Pretty much any generic one will work, even the cheapest of the cheap. What do you actually want? Set with switches in the car, or remote keyless entry, or both? Alarm?

I went with a two way paging Excalibur alarm, cheap actuator set and no switches in the car so it's only keyless entry but the alarm locks the doors after you start the engine.

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Autoworks lists the kit below for 69-70's.

I don't care about switches, I am just looking for actuators. I want the key and knob to still work. I want to add actuators to tie into the a keyless entry that I am contemplating for the car.
In that case, any actuator set will work. As I have done in my 73 you just need to find a mounting place, screw it to the door and extend and attach to the existing actuators. All the generic kits contain rods that can be cut to size with a clamp to attach to existing lock rod.

This one would be my choice:


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