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Power Booster to firewall Seal
Below are two photos; the back of the power booster and the other the firewall where it mounts.
in the power booster photo, an arrow has been inserted to point out a valley which is present on both sides of the unit.  The firewall mounting area however is flat with no protruding part to fill the voided space on the power booster.
Should this be left open or filled?  I had to make a new gasket which of course is flat as the original one was destroyed.

[Image: IMG-20191107-152326038.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20191107-152440179.jpg]

I'm doing this project this weekend. I suppose what I will do is cut the main gasket, then cut pieces to fit that space till its 1 layer thicker than the space. Then glue them to the main gasket and it shouldnt leak, as long as all the gasket gets compressed after the bolts are tight. It might still be a good idea to coat that area with POR15 to prevent rust.

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I was thinking about filling the space with a sealant from Eastwood. But need to be sure that it does not need to be left open for air as when I seal it, its done. I don't plan on taking the unit off for a long long time after that. It will be my son's problem after i'm gone.

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