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Possible to mount a brake pedal in place of a clutch pedal?
I was going over a '72 parts car today that supposedly came with power brakes originally. The car has very little to salvage from it, but the brake/clutch pedal assembly remained in place.

HOWEVER - shoved in place of the clutch pedal was a brake pedal and arm from a car with auto transmission. The pedal itself was bent to the side a bit to clear the main brake pedal.

I couldn't get under the dash enough to see how it was mounted, and I've never actually held one of these things out of a car - which leaves me to ask the experts here the big question:

Is it physically possible to mount the power brake pedal arm to the clutch mount on the bracket without hacking it up? Should I expect to find the bracket hacked up enough that it cannot be refurbished back to its original state?


EDIT: Might as well answer this, as I went ahead and stripped the car: They welded the stud onto the brake assembly. Left it there; it was too much of a mess.

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