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Possible scammer?
I think I have a scammer on the hook. He says he can't come see the car in person because he's deployed, will pay my asking price, but he insists on using PayPal because it's secure. Have scammers figured out how to scam someone using a very secure pay site, paypal, now?

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I've been using PayPal for a few years with lots of purchases, some quite large. It is my favourite payment method and AFAIK, very secure.


YES they have. Any time they say they are deployed and can pay full asking price its a scam. I sell and buy a lot on craigslist all the time. About half of the replies I get these days are spam or scammers. They will use broken English. Copy and paste headings from the ad, not answer questions directly. Ask to talk to them on the phone and they won't answer or give an excuse. If you give them your paypal or let them western unuion you a check, a lot of times they overpay and tell you to just send the overpayment back and keep a few bucks for yourself. Then they cancel the check. Weird stuff.... be very leery. Even if they don't scam the money from you, they are phishing for your personal info. Email, name, paypal account, ect.... Then they sell off that info. I have even had guys make up a temp. fake ebay link to buy an item. Looks totally legit but isn't. Just cover your ass my friend! Lots of bad people out there these days. Heres a funny link to a scam..... http://thechive.com/2016/12/08/scammer-l...21-photos/


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+1 I sell tons of stuff on Craigslist and what you have is a scammer. I get that same BS story all the time with the exact same heading.

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i'd say they figured out how to scam u if u give them info needed to do so.. if u sell on ebay then using paypal is fine. if u sell on something else and they want to use paypal then not on a good day would i do it.. your story is the same i've had a few times.. was selling my Tbucket on c/l and had a fella in the navy(ya right) that got on the boat that day and could not do anything.. for kicks i gave him my address and told him to send a ck.. selling for $18k i got a $22k check from a company.. called the company and really talked to the person who supposedly signed the ck.. she said it was a scam of which i figured anyways.. i enlarged the ck and framed it as garage art..so bottom line is u got a very typical return comment of a scammer.. play with him or toss it..
Yea, all the signs of a scammer but how are they using PayPal to scam people. All he asked for is my account name to make the deposit. How are they getting around all that security?

movie stars with addictions go to the Betty Ford clinic,
I take my addiction to the Henry Ford clinic.Haha
I've sold many (relatively) higher dollar items over the internet using paypal...it's my preferred method of receiving payment. I am also very good friends with a few people that work for paypal, so I'll ask (again) about any scams they've busted.

I recently purchased an item from ebay....I was in a hurry and didn't do my usual check-up on the seller....when I did, I felt like this guy was running a scam...so I contacted paypal to have them check it out...they came back saying that everything in the account appeared legit but agreed the ebay account seemed sketchy. The next morning, my order had been cancelled by the seller and I received an apology message. I never did reply to the seller...figured it was part of the scam.

My suspicion is that they start off wanting to use a secure payment method like paypal and end up "getting you on the hook" and request to change payment methods at the last minute. With paypal, all you give them is an email address. It may be that they try to hack your paypal after getting that address, who knows, but I'm thinking it's what I said above...they'll start out on the paypal path and then switch it up to one of the more popular scam methods at the last minute.
Good points. I thought paypal was secure and couldn't be hacked but you never know I guess. I am stringing him along. He says he's in the army so I asked what his MOS is and what unit he is attached to. Let's see how smart he isBig Grin

movie stars with addictions go to the Betty Ford clinic,
I take my addiction to the Henry Ford clinic.Haha
I have had it both ways. I have sold a 89 Mustang 5.0 LX to a deployed guy in the Navy, but he called me on the phone and we talked/discussed the deal. Then he sent me a certified check. If they are deployed, then they are in no hurry. I should know.

I have also had a recent bad PayPal experience with selling on Craigslist. Guy bought a really nice $1300 Tremec TKO-500 off of me. He had to have it ASAP so he crossed 3 state lines the same day (a Monday) to come get it. I had to rearrange my work schedule to be there. First he only paid me $1260 for some reason and then asked me to send him the money back because he used the wrong account to pay for it after telling him I wanted the money gifted to avoid the fees. Then after arguing for 30 minutes he paid me the other $40, but I was still out some money because of the 3% transaction fee. I blew it off as him being an idiot. Well, 42 days later he puts in a claim on PayPal saying the trans was the basically the biggest POS ever. So many BS reasons. Saying that he only recently installed it and now wants all his money back after flogging it for 5 +weeks. So PayPal locked $1300 out of my account over the week before and after Thanksgiving so I had to buy everything we needed on my credit card. I had about two weeks of disputes and claims to grind through and luckily PayPal sided with me and I "won" the suit, but still feel I lost due to the frustration the buyer put me through. I did not know that a buyer can dispute any transaction and not just ones in eBay. Live and learn. I'm a cash only guy now.

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Sounds like you were dealing with a flaky guy on the trans deal. Asking to refund the money because he sent it from the wrong account??? ...that totally sounds like a scam.

Cash is king, but cash-only eliminates anything but local transactions.
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