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possible 72 purchase
hello all im looking for some help. i am thinking about pulling the trigger on a 72 coupe. but i want to know the price i should pay. the interior need to be recovered, and i think it had a lot of rust . other than that it pretty complete. 302 included. so what im asking is if its worth paying around 1k for this car knowing it may need new tin and interior restored to begin with. i plan to make it a project and strip it all down get the tins welded on and get it repainted and restore the rest. interior and motor all that... advice please i am going to look at it tomorrow..

Welcome from Arkansas.
You will want to check the frame rails in front and rear, these are problem areas for rust as well as cowl. Check for collision damage, and decode the VIN and door tag. some pics would help. If the frame rails are solid and has a drive train I would say that's about what it's worth
Rust rust rust!! Is the biggest problem with these cars. 1k for a project is not bad.
1k good ? even if i have to have tins replaced ?

mach71351c;122790 Wrote:Rust rust rust!! Is the biggest problem with these cars. 1k for a project is not bad.
well it depends on how much rust!!, as posted eirlier check cowl, frame rails, floors, bottom of doors wheel housings front aprons ...etc... (common rust areas for these cars)
are you doing the labor to replace panels, or a shop? add that to the $$
but $1k is not bad for a project car.

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$1000 is a great price for a project car.

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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
Don't forget to check the trunk floor and tail light panel. Surprised Imusa didn't mention that one Wink I would at least try to get it a bit cheaper, if rust is on the outside you have no idea how much you will find once you get inside!

Good luck and welcome to the forum, no matter how bad of shape it is in, if you have the will to restore it, the guys here have the knowlegde to help you.

I have a 73 coupe 302 I paid $350 for it and i had to replace both fenders, the interior is 50/50 missing things. If it runs or turn over and the car seems like its in a state that you feel comfortable working with, then go ahead and save it!
Hi and welcome to the forum from Ontario Canada........before you plunk your money down check out some of the other members rebuild threads and what they've had to do with rust, not trying to scare you away, but it will give you a good idea of what happens and how one area leads to the next.

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All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy
also he says he doesnt have the title waht kind of a pain is it to get one ?
jakeda;122830 Wrote:also he says he doesnt have the title waht kind of a pain is it to get one ?

No title is a big red flag for me. I would call the DMV and ask them how to go about getting a title. THEN I would think about still buying it, after knowing what you have to do to get the title and how much that would cost. Post some pics before you buy it if you still intend to get it.


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Current "mini-project": interior upgrade Undecided
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