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Possible 72 Mustang Owner :)
Ive been lurking around this site for the past week, trying to do a bit of research so I figured I might as well finally make a name and say hey lol.

I might be trading for a 72 mustang here later on today, and wanted to know if there is anything in particular I should look for. Ill add the info he posted on his ad in here to give a rough idea of what it is. I do have a few concerns with the seller/trader (we are making a trade). He claims he is the second owner (first owner was his folks), and that the motor and tranny were both rebuilt but he cant find the paperwork. Also said its a 351 windsor with cleveland heads. Ive been doing some research like I said, and it doesnt seem like thats a very easy/common motor set-up for someone with not a lot of mechanical know-how. How can I tell? Are there things I should look for to make sure that the swap was done correctly? Anyone have a rough idea of what this set-up would put out power wise (and fuel efficiency)?

Here is the "specs" as listed in the ad.

Thank guys! Hopefully Ill join your group officially tomorrow, lol

"1972 Mustang 351 Windsor with Cleveland heads, have gone over car front to back. New interior (carpet, headliner, door panels), custom fiberglass dash with gauges, did not have time to color seats so color doesn't match, but they were recently done, recently painted, rear driver's panel has slight damage (see pics), new gas tank, new sending unit, front disc brakes, more new than not. Runs, drives, shifts, stops, title in hand and ready to go. Not really willing to negotiate on price, but give me your offer, may be willing to trade but probably not unless it is a fair trade."


[Image: 3G73M23J15Fd5M55J5d49c1d00cf6b0211b85.jpg]
Welcome to the group. Check the floors (both sides and trunk), the cowl area and rear frame rails. BTW these cars didn't come with a 351W.

[Image: 2rr7aiv.png]

Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
Yea, the seller claims it was put in later.
Welcome from Arkansas. There are a few cars here with windsor engines so someone will be along to answer your questions.
I think the biggest thing with any classic car is the sheetmetal. Having a solid body/floors/cowl/etc is important. Anything else can be fixed rather easily, replacing floors not so much.

Post up a picture of the engine and most people here will be able to tell you exactly what you have.

[Image: 25rnz1y.jpg]

[Image: 3F23L73H95Ld5G65K6d49d1a6573e592b1c94.jpg]
The rad hose tells me it is a Cleveland block

302 and W's would come out of the intake

Ohio Mustang Supply

[Image: oms_sig_banner.jpg]
G'Day and welcome.
going by the photo that is a Cleveland, The thermastat houseing gives it away, Windsor have the thermastat housing bolted to the front of the intake manifold and not the engine block.

Anything is possible, It just takes time and MONEY....
Does it look like Cleveland heads as well? Which is the more desirable motor? Which makes more power? Does that mean its a factory motor for that body style/year?
351windsor and 351 Cleveland are 2 completely different engines with different designs. Only share same displacement, and I doubt if any parts are interchangeable. The seller seems either a. Uninformed about what he has or b. Trying to toot his own horn to make you think you are getting a great deal.
Regardless you have come to the best site for these years mustangs and you will hardly never get any misinformation like you are receiving from this seller. I would doubt the power train was rebuilt, but like others have said its mainly the sheet metal, frame, undercarriage that's the most important part.
Check rear tail light panel and trunk floors for rust as those usually are the first to go. Then check the floor pans..if you see any holes see if the owner would let you check behind the glove box, you can see how the cowl is in good shape or not causing water to leak and rust the floors.

Check the shock towers where the front springs and shocks are for holes rust.
From what I learned is don't ever trust the seller unless you know them personally because just want the money, inspect the car for what it is and consider your skills to be able to do what is needed to restore/drive the car.

If you have a 351 Cleveland which it looks like it is, you have the most common engine, you can look at the 5th character in the VIN and see what the car originally came with although anyone could have changed it.

Lastly welcome to the forum from central Virginia, and good luck going forward, we are here to help and offer as much advise as you can ask. The are many people here that started with a set of wheels and built a mustang around it so there is some really knowledgeable people to help out with and questions.

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