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[Positive] Hollywood Title & Lien (CarTitleUSA)
I used Richard's service at Hollywood Title to get the '72 Q-code a title when the NY DMV wouldn't help me to acquire copies of the original renewable registration.

Not only is Richard good at the service he offers (each and every vehicle is thoroughly background checked - he just brought up some info on a car for me, including the date and name of the previous owner from 30-year-old records), he goes above and beyond the call of duty with his customers - and genuinely appreciates old Mustangs and classics.

What's more, he's a hell of a lot cheaper than Broadway/GNT. Clear Florida title for my '72 was $350, ready to be registered. $470 if you want it the title in your name directly (as of then).

Definitely worth it if you have a worthy project car that you can't do anything with because of an ancient renewable registration or lost title.


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