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These fantastic little cutters have been the key to getting all the spot welds out of the trunk of my '71 Mach 1. For the beginner on a budget (or anyone on a budget), you don't need anything better or more sophisticated than these brilliant little tools.

Note - many sellers show the #11082 kit (with the fixed pilot) even when offering the #11096 kit. Be careful that you get the right one.

Since photos speak volumes, following are progress photos of my trunk floor removal, accomplished entirely with the Blair kit:

[Image: 71_mustang_63.jpg]

[Image: 71_mustang_81.jpg]

[Image: 71_mustang_83.jpg]

That said, it does help to use these bits with a GOOD low-RPM, high-torque drill, such as the Milwaukee Magnum Hole Shooter. I drilled half of these welds with the Magnum, but used a cheap Black & Decker with a 90-degree adapter for the areas under the package tray.

The Blair bits were not as easy to control and skipped more with the cheap, high-RPM Black & Decker drill. Do yourself a favor and use these bits with a quality drill that has a variable speed trigger.


[Image: satellite-valiant-mustang-license-tags-signature.png]
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Premium Spot Weld Cutter Kit - 3/8" Rating
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Premium Spot Weld Cutter Kit - 3/8" Pictures
Blair #11096 3/8" Spot Weld Removal Kit Screenshot Blair #11096 3/8" Spot Weld Removal Kit Screenshot

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