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Plating plastic
A member was asking about coating plastic with chrome (cant remember who mentioned it) I was trawling through ebay and i found a kit that will coat copper on to plastic. The process is called electroforming as opposed to electroplating. The kit contains graphite powder which i assume helps the copper adhere to the plastic. If the copper adheres to the plastic sure you could coat the copper with chrome or a chrome substitute



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I believe all the plastic is done in a vacuum deposition chamber. It cost more to have them redone than new ones cost. If you want the name of place I can get from friend that restores. He sends some that are not repo.

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The chrome is deposited through a process called vacuum metalizing as David mentioned. There is a place here in the states in Romulous, MI that does it and has a good reputation. I sent my original parts there for plating. I am very happy with the results. As David also mentioned they do reproduce these parts, but have no where near the grain and quality of the originals. Here is my post on my parts with images.


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