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Pitman nut size?
Cany anyone tell me what size socket is needed to remove pitman arm?
I know 1-1/4 is too small!
pretty sure its 1-5/16.

Anything is possible, It just takes time and MONEY....
Can anyone confirm?

I measured 1-3/8.

Now gotta find a parts store that carries it.
I can't remember for sure, but i thought it was 1 5/16". I bought a socket just for that then still couldn't get it all apart. I ended up taking it to a place and they installed the new seals I had quite inexpensively--while I waited!

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1 5/16th is correct
f117rt;123571 Wrote:Cany anyone tell me what size socket is needed to remove pitman arm?
I know 1-1/4 is too small!
Some parts stores lend tools out. I have done wheel bearings on my Saturn and Explorer and they had the right sizes, and I borrowed them. Auto Zone, O'Reillys etc.
I can confirm my original one was 1 5/16. I had to buy a 1 5/16 3/4in socket, then a 3/4 to 1/2 drive adapter to get my 1/2 in breaker bar on there. THEN I had to use steel band clamps to clamp on a steel pipe to the breaker bar to extend the length of the breaker bar, AND I had to really lean on it to get that nut to break loose.

I'm stuck now at getting the original pittman arm off. PB blaster and all - thing doesn't want to break loose...

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you need to cut through the Pittman arm with a die grinder 90 % through
then pop it with a chisel and it will fall off
1 5/16. Then use a pitman arm puller. Most parts stores should have it.

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