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Pitman arm replacement?
Cleaned up my steering box today and noted that the pitman arm knuckle would turn in circles (rotate) but not side to side (like a tie rod end movement). Is this normal? Should the knuckle be able to both rotate and move side to side simultaneously?

If this is the case, looks like it would be time to replace the original pitman arm, just want to be sure first. Thanks
Are you saying that the pitman arm has a lateral wobble to it? If so, the shaft of the steering box or its bearing is bad. The bottom shaft of the steering box should rotate only and not have any side-to-side movement. I'd also look at the mounting of the steering box to the frame: perhaps the whole box is moving.

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[Image: Flamicon2.jpg]

[Image: oldfart.png]
My query relates to the connection at the end of the pitman arm, where it joins to the centre link. The shaft that the pitman arm connects to is fine, no play whatsoever. I am seeking info on the knuckle (with the cotter pin sticking out in the photo), as it relates to what is deemed proper movement. Again, it rotates (circular motion) but does not move sided to side in any fashion. Just wondering if this is normal or is the knuckle seizing, requiring pitman arm replacement? I have never changed one of these previously. Thanks
The ball stud has to spin in its socket when it's locked into the taper of the center link. Check for ball to socket wear by pushing it in and out, and trying to move it side to side. I would think that if you can't detect any extra clearance you should be ok. But, you do have everything apart now...

It needs to spin but no lateral or up and down movement!

That part is expensive and hard to change feel lucky.

I changed the one on my 72 Mach a couple of months ago. I got a new pitman arm from OMS for 50 bucks.

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Great. Ok and thanks.

It does rotate and there does not appear to be any side to side movement. I have to decide while it is off, if I want to replace the pitman arm at this time. Fortunately, the steering box appears to be in great shape, box leaks, etc.

It looks like it would be fun getting the pitman arm off after all these years... Cheers.
Same color codes on my 351 2 barrel pitman arm as yours. I shipped my box and arm off for rebuilding and he pulled the pitman off and shipped it back to me off the box but with reference marks to reindex. If you are considering a rebuild I used this gentlemen in northern Arkansas to do mine. He finished mine to concourse standards with standard ratio. He even gave me a better power steering pump housing instead of my original that had several dents and some bad pitting in it.


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