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Picture request for early accelerator pedal - 1971 Only??
Time to put the accelerator pedal back together and I have run onto a snag.

I had a hundred pictures or so of every assembly under my dash.  Those pictures are long gone, as they got erased when my youngest got ahold of my cell phone and tried different passwords until it erased itself...

I have a 73' parts car, so I went and got the accelerator pedal assembly out of it, but it is totally different than what is in my 71.  The pivots and cable attachment point are totally different than the one out of the 73.

Below are pics of the one out of the 73, anyone have an early one that they would mind posting some photos of?

Thanks for your time!

[Image: IMG_4681.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4682.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4683.jpg]
Here you go...1971 pedal

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another pic

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Thank you.
its missing a spring
Got it.
Ended up using my original spring instead of the repop
[Image: IMG_4684.jpg]
Wait a minute...a spring, what spring? I'm baffled with how many pieces were missing on my car, now this? I thought by now I had gathered up everything that was missing! Where can I find this spring? Angry
I don't know where to find an exact spring. The repop I had was missing the "hook" on the end that wrapped around the metal part of the pedal assembly. The "hook" is just out of frame to on the right side of the picture I posted.
The two pedals are different look at the plastic near where the spring and compare them. Need a pic of the engineering part numbers to compare. Probably EC maybe to add the spring.
Also just a a note. The gas pedal metal parts were also a phosphate coated part and not painted. The parking brake assembly also just the end of the pedal had black paint.
Engineering changes took place all the time. Might have been improvement in cost, assembly ease or to solve a product issue. To give you a reference of how many can take place. I worked on one of the BMW programs and had 87 stamped parts in the under body of one of their vehicles. On those 87 parts we had over 4,000 yes four thousand EC and that was before they went to production. We use to joke that the Germans built a car then made it work, lol. No offense to our German members. I am sure you have some yankee jokes also.
Ford was nowhere near as bad but when you see two letters at the end of the part number that means it went through the alphabet with changes and had to add second letter.
When you had paper drawings they were all noted on the drawing and for what reason they were made. Wish someone had scanned all those drawings.

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