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Periodic Fun Question for March 28, 2015

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Periodic Fun Question for March 28, 2015
Good Day!

The Periodic Fun Question (PFQ) is an exercise to give "General" members the opportunity to test their knowledge on information (sometimes obscureSmile) relative to the '71 - '73 Mustangs. It is also designed to allow the same members the chance to "win" a nice #1 Icon.

Normally, a general member has to have three "wins" before their membership (a $25.00 value) is paid for a VIP subscription. However, this is a special PFQ and two (2) "winners" will automatically have their subscription fees paid for elevation.

VIP Members should not respond to this exercise as a different problem is being presented on the VIP PFQ for you.

Upon completion of the exercise, ALL the Members providing the correct responses will have a response number assigned to their response and two "blind" numbers will be "pulled from a hat" to determine the winners. Boss1Ray will have someone at his location pull the winning numbers.

The question (and desired response) for this exercise was derived from one of the ten problems posted on the old "Weekly Fun Question" archived forum during the period March - April 2014, right here on the Site.


Again, the EXACT question for this exercise can be found somewhere during the months of March, April or May 2014. This hint means EVERYBODY has a chance to "win" simply by going to the appropriate forum and researching the problem.

Please note that when you respond to this post, your "answer" will not normally appear until the end of the current contest (approximately 7:00 P.M. {CST}) on Monday, March 30, 2015) when the thread will be transferred to the "PFQ Archives" Forum.

The Problem:

Please indicate whether the following statement is "True" or "False."

Staggered shocks were part of the "Competition Suspension" option on the 1971 Mustangs.

Good Luck!

"tony-muscle" and "Mac"

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03-28-2015, 12:17 PM
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No the Staggered Shocks were not part of the Competition Suspension.

so the answer is false. I hope
I think it was available with any hi output engine.

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No, not a standard feature with Competition Suspension in 71.
That true staggered shocks were part of the competition suspension in 1971

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yes true
Staggered shocks were part of the "Competition Suspension" option on the 1971 Mustangs


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That is a True statement
Hmm, tricky. It seems the staggered shocks were not included in all competition suspension Mustangs.

The question seems a little vague, but I think the answer you're looking for is: False

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