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PCV on both covers
Mine came with edelbrock chrome covers and both sides have PCV groumets in them One with valve and one plugged. Should I add a vent to other side?

[Image: 1_30_09_13_10_12_32.png]
Alan L
Yes. The engine has to breathe
don29163;15732 Wrote:Yes. The engine has to breathe


The hole you use for the valve should go to the PCV port on the carb and I prefer to pipe the breather hole to the air cleaner but an open breather will work.

73 conv. 460, D0VE large valve heads, Performer RPM manifold, Voodoo 227/233 cam, Holley 950 HP carb, C6 trans, 3.25 trak-loc.
+1 yes one side needs to be a breather, should be filtered also.

engine vacuum pulls through the PCV sucking out gasses from the crank case and rocker area, think of it as a controlled vacuum leak. so fresh air needs to enter the system on the original Air cleaner base, there is a filter and the fresh air enters the passenger side valve cover. on the driver's side is the PCV going into full manifold vacuum.

when vacuum increases during cruise or deceleration the PCV opens allowing air into the system flushing the gasses out of the engine and creating negative pressure which also stops small oil leaks from occurring.
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