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Parts purchasing outside the U.S
Wasnt sure which one to put this one in so i opted for maintenance and repair.
Not sure how the rest of Europe and the world outside the U.S. pay for imported goods. I just ordered from a U.S company called rockauto.com. They advertise in a UK based magazine called "Classic American". It wasnt until i reached checkout that i found out the company take the 20% import tax at the point of sale. The shipping costs were also on par with Ebays GSP. Here in the UK the post office charge me £11 which is around $15 to clear customs on every package. So theres a saving immeadiately. The other bonus is the package does not get stuck in customs for 7-14 days while the package waits to be inspected, valued and taxed. I reckon i have paid out over $1500 to the post office for them to present my goods to customs and excise since starting my project. You also get a DHL tracking number. My heater core was shipped same day too.

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I’ve ordered from Rockauto and I really liked how it went down. Plus they ship faster than their competitors.

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Rockauto you said? Oh yes, I heard about...

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20% duty tax... ya that sucks that the EU charges that duty.. i think it was mentioned that the US charges like 2%. hopefully they do away with both.
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