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Parking pawl
Well, I just talked to the owner of the shop where my car is, and it’s a good thing I had them go thru my transmission. Turns out that it wasn’t going to last much longer either. The trans builder said that whoever did a so called rebuild on it only replaced the clutches. And they put a brass bushing or something in backwards. There was some other issues with a pump housing? Not really sure exactly what it was, not that familiar with transmissions, but whatever it was it wasn’t something that normally needs replacing. I’ll find out more info next week. The seals weren’t even replaced. Unbelievable!
So of course it was worse than I thought, but I’m sure glad I found out now instead of later. They will start putting it back in my car Monday or Tuesday, then that should be it. Still have to wait for the insurance company to pay the shop, so hopefully they don’t take too long.

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