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Parking lights 1973
(01-01-2019, 04:29 AM)NOT A T5 Wrote:
(12-31-2018, 08:27 AM)timachone Wrote:
(12-31-2018, 06:54 AM)NOT A T5 Wrote: If you are a member of the First Mustang Club of Germany they can help and tell you what TUV (Inspection Place) can give you a "Ausnahme Genehmigung", a special approval, so you don't have to cut any wires on your headlight harness. The local TUV's don't do that because they are clueless, but there are some who specialize in vintage Mustangs, some 300 kilometers away. One of TUV's "local engineers" told me to cut my headlight harness to comply with German regulations, to just register my car and to drive it, and I happily declined to do so! So, I drove my car to the city of Siegen and their TUV approved everything including the original rims!
I know that situation - the same as here... The wires are already cut from the previous owners so I have to rewire them. The most think that when they do it all before they will get no problems. It is the easiest way. But you can get a 'Ausnahme-Genehmigung' for many things.

I got the tuv-requirements for vintage cars directly from a good engineer, it is a sheet with a lot of papers.

So 'Ausnahme-Genehmigungen' are possible for a lot of things on US-cars. You only have to know them and then go with this knowledge to a TUV-Station.

I will have a try :-)

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German Government also thinks with that many more exterior lights on a Mustang, compared to a German car, it is impossible to have all those lights running on 1 fuse alone (trying to tell you your circuit is overloaded), so they MAKE you add another inline fuse running from the fuse panel all the way back to the tail lights...they think in America we're driving in the DARK! I bet they got more loose now with regulations since there are more Classic American cars in Germany than there are in the U.S. LOL!
Hahaha, that could be possible ;-)

Never had problems with that.

My T5 was already licensed in Germy before so no problems with that.

I have only restored it to more original specs now and I am trying do bring back the original function of the parking lights. I like the idea of their original operation. But it could be difficult due to German regulations...

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(01-01-2019, 04:49 AM)chris.sima Wrote: [Image: 42d82246ee26fbf2daf335d1d1f5d821.jpg]

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Hi Chris,

interesting car and story. Nice car, too. Mine will look the same, only in Gold color instead.

Had no trouble with the things you have mentioned. My car was already licensed in Germany from new on and therefore prepped with all the necessary things. The side markers and the rear turn signal lights have all their factory original operations, it is all documented in the license papers. The only exception from factory are the front turn signals or parking lights I do know about now. They mounted H4 headlights with integrated parking lights and the former parking lights are now front turn signals now. That's all. Therefore they had cut simply the original harness 45 years before. I want to try to put back also this function to US factory specs but that could be difficult... I am already happy with the provided permissions I got to drive the car as original as possible here ;-)

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Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly Angel

mine is an original T5 also that spend all his life in Germany with two previous owners. Its been here for a few months now and I got it registered with the changes that were necessary. Side Markers are fine now operating as blinkers, rear blinker was a bit a pain bcs of the no red blinking policy.

Now its roadworthy, will drive a bit and then completely strip it and derust and paint. Everything as original as possible and new when necessary. Its a very nice optioned car, has pretty much everything you need check out the marti, and its a one of one.
Are you getting it registered with the t5 registry?

Have fun with yours

[Image: ca96475ea135cb2743b4f32b69023db2.jpg]

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Hi Christopher,

very intersting! Thank you for showing your Marti! It seems that we have very similar cars. Mine was built in April 1973. It is very cool to meet you to confirm perhaps many things which are special to T5's on our cars!

My father has an 73 T5 also, they are even more rare than the sportsroofs. It is a Q-code and it is really ALL original (excepct the tires, oil, filter, brake shoes, fluid and some tubes Big Grin )

I am not registered, something I have forgotten about...

Have fun and let us stay tuned thumb


Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly Angel
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