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Painting Engine Compartment and Motor
1972 Mach 1. Just finished complete interior restore and underside of Ram Air hood.
Time to refresh the engine compartment.  I'm going to strip it down to pretty much a short block.
I'll replace all hoses, spark plug leads, p.s. pump, ect., replacable parts..
Wash out the engine compartment until clean with degreaser.

1. I'm looking for a good BLACK paint to use in the engine compartment.  Something I can spray (rattle can) on. Like maybe "chassis black" by Eastwood.
    Anybody had good results lately with a product lately?  Any recommendations on a paint?

2. Need to repaint valve covers and Ram Air air cleaner assembly.  I guess just clean, sand and spray?  What is the correct "Ford Blue" for a 72 Ram Air 351C
    cleaner and valve covers?

Anyone done a project like this?  Cleaning up and painting as best as possible without pulling the motor?

One trick I've read about is to wrap all of your wiring in aluminum foil, protecting it from the paint. A simple, elegant solution that's also cheap!

I hate dealing with painted wiring harnesses...

Let me check your shorts!

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(05-15-2018, 08:47 PM)midlife Wrote: One trick I've read about is to wrap all of your wiring in aluminum foil, protecting it from the paint.  A simple, elegant solution that's also cheap!

I hate dealing with painted wiring harnesses...

That is slick and timely as well.
I just painted my engine compartment with rattle can black semi gloss bought from Menards. It's for BBQ grills and withstand 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. It looks decent though and I like it. I had everything out of the car for 2 years. Makes it a lot easier and saves you a ton of aluminum foil!

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For those that want the look AND durability, but don't have guns and compressor Eastwoods https://www.eastwood.com/ew-2k-ceramic-a...26896.html 2K is the best I've found. (again this is for "rattle car restos")

Be prepared for $50. And you can't reuse it once activated. But it is a the right finish, holds up to chemicals (after the fact) and Wertz sound deadener sticks to it on the firewall. Ironically, info stickers can be removed if you find you bought the wrong ones and need to redo.

P.S. Just delete this "if too expensive" !
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I guess it all depends on the results you want to achieve. I found pulling the engine and moving the wire harnesses and P/S pump back to the firewall and out of the way was the best way to really get the whole wngine bay clean and painted. With the engine out I also then painted the block and exhaust manifolds. I used Duplicolor Ford Dark Blue (1606) and VHT ESP139007 Engine GM Satin Black or Eastwood Satin Black.

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i used the auto zone car paint when engine was out also. satin or semi gloss black don't recall
Perhaps this will help. Search thread 'Engine Bay Detailing-71 Mach 1' dated 10/02/16 from myself. (if I knew how to add the link, I would!)

In a nut shell, I chose Eastwood 2K ceramic semi-gloss black, took 2 cans. This is NOT a cheap paint, but if is standing up extremely well, easy to clean and very tough.
For the blue, I used Duplicolor 1606 Ford Corporate Dark Blue. I like this better than Plasticoat's Ford Dark C/B. NPD sell a paint they claim is an exact match. Another reason I chose rattle cans is it's easier to touch up. For the shock braces and other parts that are supposed to be painted "Slop Grey" I used NPD's Slop Grey. You could mix your own, but NOT Battle Ship Grey!!!!
Prep is key. the end result will reflect this. Take your time and you'll love the look.
I have also posted several pictures of my complete engine bay.
Here's a couple.
rackerm just reminded me. For the factory exhaust manifolds, I used Eastwood High Heat manifold paint. It is supposed to be "cast", but looks a little bit on the grey side. Still looks good though.
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Nice looking engine compartment!
(05-16-2018, 08:39 AM)SteveO_71 Wrote: Nice looking engine compartment!

 Thanks. I definitely like the "Factory" look, but not to the concours level. That gets insane cost wise.
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