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Paint for interior quarter panels
I test fitted all my rear interior panels and rear seat today, now it’s time to take it all back out and paint the panels. What color is the quarter and the small pieces below the sail panels supposed to be? This is a 72 Mach 1 black standard interior. The dash is the black charcoal metallic color     

1973 Mach 1, Porsche Guards Red, 429/C6
1972 Mach 1, Grabber Blue, 302/C4, currently under construction
I don't think they were painted from factory but I'm in the same boat as you but I will wait until the time comes. I think SEM makes a kit, cleaner, prep and paint. I was able to find a pair of interior quarter panels from a Cougar, they have ash trays on both sides and are sun faded.

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
I have used both SEM Landau black and Colorbond Ford black with good results. The Colorbond needs to be top coated with their clear to get the right sheen. The SEM did not require a top coat. You need to closely follow the prep procedure for whatever system you choose. I think the Colorbond probably matches the original color better but I was changing color from ginger to black so didn't have a way to directly compare.

73 conv. 460, D0VE large valve heads, Performer RPM manifold, Voodoo 227/233 cam, Holley 950 HP carb, C6 trans, 3.25 trak-loc.
I tried several from SEM and ended up with the Landau Black which I thought was very close to original. I took the panels out on the driveway and scrubbed them with the back of a sponge and comet, rinsed very well and let dry in sun. Sprayed with two coats and they look like new, I tried not to put on too thick so that OEM texture was still visible.

[Image: IMG-1087.jpg]

1972 Q Code Convertible
I thoroughly clean with wax and grease remover to remove any "vinyl treatments" previously applied. If the panels are not already flaking, I scrub them with a bristle brush and TSP (tri-sodium phosphate), rinse thoroughly, and dry with compressed air and micro-fiber (lint free) towel. The vinyl prep is an adhesion promoter and should be applied in two or three thin coats. I use thin top coats until coverage is complete. I've had good results with the SEM products. Chuck
Thanks for the info guys! I have the SEM Landau black on order. Ryan

1973 Mach 1, Porsche Guards Red, 429/C6
1972 Mach 1, Grabber Blue, 302/C4, currently under construction
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