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Paint Cost
How much should I be expecting to pay for a good paint job, solid color no stripes.
That is a loaded question. Depends on the amount of bodywork to be done and how nice of a paint job you want. there is a huge difference between driver and show quality paint and a price difference in color and brand of paint as well. I suggest you explore different shops, check out what they have done, talk to their customers about time, price, and quality. Take your time and shop wisely. You can get a 300 dollar job (that usually sucks) or you can get a 15000 dollar one, just depends on what you want but mine usually run around 2500 on average for bodywork, spray, color sand, and buff for a real nice job that you can show but don't mind driving. Material not included.
This is the most popular question on the 'net! I'm having mine stripped to bare metal, all body work done (very little rust fixin'), and having it sprayed a stock Ford 2012 color. $6,900. I pulled ALL the trim off, took off everything, took the windows out, in fact all that was ON the car (body-wise) when I took it to the body shop was the hood, the fenders, the doors (handles removed), the trunk lid, and the front and rear fascias. Everything else removed.

I've had a couple options added that bumped up the price (the cost posted above is base), but that's how it goes sometimes.

ETA: the paint manufacturer is Wanda (budget brand owned by Sikkens), there was some dents and dings that had to be pulled out/pinholes welded etc.


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
I'm going to do mine myself. I'm looking to have about 500 in my job. Then again its a you get what you pay for when it comes to this.

I painted a couple vehicles with a makeshift booth and good prep work. Remember. Paint us just a color, nothing more, a good paint job comes from the bodywork and prep. And that takes time but I plan on saving that money to put in the other parts of the car.Big Grin
I've always been advised that if a painter can give you an exact price he'll paint the car for by just looking at the car, go else where unless all you're looking for is paint sprayed on your car. My Mustang was painted by one of those guys by the previous owner, I know because I have over spray on some items and it you look close, it's apparent very little prep work was done. Some day I plan on having it done right but for now it's a driver's paint job. I did get an estimate from one restoration shop in the area and he estimated no less than 7K and no more than 15K...depending on what he found once he had everything removed and it stripped to the metal.

So how much does a paint job cost? That depends on your expectations.



M code 71 Mach 1, 351 4V Cleveland, Ram Air (not factory), C6 Trans, 3.5 rear
I paid about $10k for my 71 Mach's paint, that car was stiped to bare metal, what rust was found was cut out, mainly passenger side floor pan, new boot lid and hood, took about 4months...
fs93543;80278 Wrote:How much should I be expecting to pay for a good paint job, solid color no stripes.
As some one who did this professionally for over 25 years I can tell you this..A quality paint job is not cheap..Price is going to depend on how much work your willing to do & what level you want to take the car to..Will a mask scuff & paint suffice ? or do you want to strip to bare metal ? Are you going to remove all the trim parts etc & then put back together ? Or is the shop going to do that ? Lots of variables which will dictate price.. Quality materials are super expensive..as example WHOLESALE price just to buy the paint & clear for my 71 camaro was about $1500.00 ..Then you have tape ..paper..filler..epoxy primer..2k primer..sandpaper..It's an easy $2000.00 just to buy the material needed.. Granted there are cheap paints out there..But I always used top name products materials..You get what you pay for with this stuff... So a quality job is going to run in the 7-10 range ..Then add for any rust repair body work.

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