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Paint bubble on center console - can it be fixed?
On many of the used consoles I see for sale, there is bubbling of the paint on the center console just below the shifter opening. I have attached a picture for reference. 
Is this fixable and if so how?[Image: Screenshot-20191207-083619-e-Bay.jpg]

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Watching closely! The material has actually delaminated from the base.
In answer to your question, yes. The "chrome" is actually aluminum and is applied by a process called Vacuum Metalizing. Not going into that right now, but by now most of the visible trim will be starting to peel or chip. You can sand that surface and see what you have underneath it, You may need to remove that area of "chrome" under the paint to get a good surface. Once cleaned up, my go-to paint is SEM Trim Black from your auto parts store. Mask off the strips and apply light coats until you get the surface you want. I would redo the whole thing if it were me.
There is not much out there that is good and easy to redo the "chrome". So called chrome paint sticks look like what they are, aluminum paint, but I think there might be a new product that might work better. There has been many post on this and if you do a search, you might find them or perhaps someone will add a link. On a console I have, I just painted the whole thing with Trim Black to match the center stack I built for my car, but I chose not to install it, just keeping the mini console in the 4 speed car.

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I did a post earlier in regards to the chrome trim and listed what I found that works pretty darn good. It is the closest I found yet without spending over $100.



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I'm not so concerned with the chrome trim as I am with the black texture paint bubbling. If I scrape it off and repaint it won't have the texture any longer unless there's a paint out there that provides that texture.

The trouble with trouble is it always starts out as fun!
The "chrome" is laid on top of the textured plastic body of the console. Careful removal of the delaminated aluminum/chrome should preserve the texture.

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WOW! Deja vu!
i just went through the same thing.
i do know the plastic substrate has the texture. i took a blade and sliced through the paint next to the chrome ribs and peeled off the loose paint. Some i had to use a blade and scrape. Paint was not loose between narrow strip between chrome ribs so i did a slice in paint across that part in front of narrows. then to leave minimal line showing i used sharp blade to taper off the thickness of old paint and chrome layer. then i cleaned it up and repainted. it looks fine now and you have to look close to see the line.

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Happened to me also, We painted the console and it later
bubbled. I was informed this happened because a past owner
had used Armour All and now nothing will stick. Did a meticulous
job of cleaning and painting but apparently to no avail.


[Image: 1_11_11_13_11_50_27.png]
Heat causes the deposited aluminum to pop loose from the ABS plastic. Like stated I take a razor blade or exacto knife and cut around the corner where the raised chrome is and across where it narrows on each side and peal it off. Clean it and then paint. 
It is cheaper to buy a new repo than to get the VD redone. Nobody ever looks close enough to even see it unless a judge and they are usually not allowed to sit in the car.

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(12-07-2019, 06:07 PM)goodnigh Wrote: Happened to me also,  We painted the console and it later
bubbled.  I was informed this happened because a past owner
had used Armour All and now nothing will stick.  Did a meticulous
job of cleaning and painting but apparently to no avail.


Has anyone tried trisodium phosphate to clean surfaces that have had Armor All applied to them?
I've read that it works but I haven't had a reason to try it yet.

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