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Well, as most of you know I've been getting the car ready for paint. Unfortunately, a couple weeks ago the guy that is going to do the paint and body work got in a bad accident. He was in the hospital for a week or so. He's at home recovering and with any luck he'll be cleared to go back to work next week. The shop said I'm next on the list but I told them to hold off until he feels better. Hopefully his recovery goes well, but I really feel bad for him.


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Bad news! Hopes he gets well soon. Maybe you will still get it done this Spring!
Thanks Mike. He's a good guy, sucks to see him going through this. I'm hoping to have the car back by mid-June if not earlier, then have the interior done by the end of July so I can still enjoy some of the summer!


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Things never seem to go as planned. My paint ended up taking a year longer than it was supposed to because of various setbacks.

Sounds like you know him personally. If you know his address send him a get well package with some car magazines, M&Ms, etc. I know I would appreciate that.

Congrats on the car being ready for paint. I'm looking forward to the pics.

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