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Package Tray Metal Trim Panel Question
Hi All,

Hopefully simple questions.  Just wrapped up painting my Mach 1 and now turning to the interior.  The metal trim panel under the rear window on a fastback is held by rivets in the front, does anything hold it down in the back under the window?  Also, was there any factory insulation / sound proofing installed behind the panel (visible in trunk).

Thanks for any guidance.


[Image: Sail-Panel-Metal-Trim.jpg]

[Image: Sail-Panel-Trunk.jpg]

[Image: front-Mach1.jpg]
IIRC, there's nothing on the top edge, it sits on a lip. The lower is held in by sheet metal screws, not rivets. FWIW, I can't think of a single item in a 71-73 that's riveted on save for the VIN tag on the dash.

There is insulation across the entirety of the rear interior, behind the rear panel, under the package tray, behind the sail and quarter trim panels. I used the fiber (not foam!) carpet padding available at home centers. It's cheap, very durable and look pretty close to original. Where it was visible, I sprayed it black with some spray paint before installation. 3M77 spray adhesive holds it in place.

+1 on no rivets for the tray !! BUT I want all with a 1971 to look down at your left foot AND SEE if you still have the factory rivet for the kick panel !

P.S. Just another item LOST to people using 72-73 parts on 71 cars !! LOL
I have to go look at some cars but I 'm pretty sure they are riveted in.
I remember trying to find a good 1/8 th inch drill bit, every time when I want to get one out LOL
IDK about 71, but my 73 I think is original and they are Phillips head screws with large diameter integral flat washer on them.
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