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package tray
Well Got my grille and new flip down gas cap on the way thanks to Ohio Mustang. But now looking for a package tray that actuall fits for a 1791 mach 1. Any suggestions?
I did not know they made mustangs in 1791! LOL I have installed a package tray in my 71 and 72 Not hard one of them i had to do some trimming on it . got them from one of the supply co.
[Image: 20r9ylt.jpg]
Sorry fingers bigger than the numbers.............
is this the package tray for the non-fold down rear seats that goes under the rear windshield?

i'm not sure Ohio sells it i just checked the website didn't see one listed. you could pm Don and ask.

if he doesn't mustangs unlimited has them for 25$

i got mine years ago from MU before i knew Ohio.

I didn't have to cut it, you will need to pull the plastic side covers under the sail panels to install it. The rear side covers have a strip of metal at the bottom that the tray sits under.
you will also need to pull the top of the rear seat out, two screws, in the separation between the back seat top and bottom, then then pull the top trim that is at the top of the rear seat area, this part is two piece left and right, 3 screws i believe. then test fit the part make sure it doesn't bow up in the center if it does you can score and cut it on the sides with a razor blade or a carpet knife(the material is thin Masonite, you could also buy a sheet from home-depot)

Check for water damage caused by the rear windshield.

once your happy with the fit, remember to install some foam or sound deaden-er or insulation under the panel. there should be a sheet of it under the panel it helps reduce, vibration, noise, and heat coming out of the trunk area. there should also be some insulation behind the upper part of the rear seat again to help reduce everything coming out of the trunk.

When your ready its time to paint the panel, Depending on your interior it will determine the color. if your using the standard interior colors they will need a primer to stop the paint from absorbing into the masonite. i used self priming Krylon paint and went heavy with the semi-gloss since i had a black interior.

that is it just put it all back together after.
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We have the " cardboard repro " Not a real fan of it.
I make mine out of 1/8 hardboard / masonite and paint it.
I think it looks better and will hold up if it ever gets wet.
Ohio Mustang Supply

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Thanks Don

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