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P/S pitman arm
Anyone running the repop pitman arms available from Mustangs Unlimited, etc? 


If so, how is the quality? I'm putting P/S back in the Mach and while I don't "need" a new pitman arm, I'd like to drop a new one in there "just cuz". I'd much Moog, TRW or McQuay-Norris part, but it appears they are no longer made. Looks like the only ones left are the WSD made parts.


I have a Rare Parts RP20148.

Seems nice, the machine work is good, broaching is clean. Wasn’t super stoked with the seal provided but was able to buy a rubber repop that satisfied my OCD.

Figure steering is like brakes... It better work.
I got one from OMS. Really nice part with ford logo. Fits perfectly.

run_horse Run Horse Run!
John 72 Q Code
I too used the Rare Parts one. Fit well but as stated, the felt seal is not the best. The rubber aftermarket I bought may be the wrong one so I left it off, but used the felt one provided. No issues so far, but on the to-do list for later.
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