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Overflow Tank?
Where is the overflow tank located on a 73 Mustang Q Code/4 speed car? I have what looks like an earlier style (67) hanging overflow tank on the front side of the radiator support at the driver's side. Is that original? Any help is appreciated!
There was no overflow on our cars from the factory

Ahh, I was thinking so! I have had a a few 72/73 Mustangs and they had totally different overflow tanks in different areas so I figured something was up. What is the routing of the overflow tube from the radiator neck? And how long should the tubing be? I am going to replace my repro overflow tube w/ concourse correct tube.
Not sure if available from the factory, but there was an overflow tank offered as a Ford Accessory. It's shown in my 73 Ford Accessories Brochure along with such items as the Pony Floor Mats, the Optional Radios, Optional Wheel Covers, Dual Racing Mirrors, etc. I know some of these items were factory options.

It would be interesting to know if anyone has one that matches this style on their car.

Here are a couple of quick pictures I took. I need to scan the whole brochure and post it.

[Image: DSCF1675.jpg]

[Image: DSCF1679.jpg]

The one currently on mine is similar to the early 67 style, plastic, hanging, with the spout/hole for the hose built into the cap. I have seen so called NOS 65-73 overflow tank caps that look like the one pictured in that catalog. I want to remove the tank from mine and go w/ factory routing of the overflow tube. If someone has a picture of their factory setup, please post a pic so I can get an idea of how it's set up...THANKS!
Hi 73 GoldGlowMach,
My car is a 73 Q-code 4 speed car and has the wire frame for the overflow (missing the bottle) but it is mounted on the passenger side probably due to the extra rad and parts for air conditioning that has been added at some point in the past. I can post pics of the setup if you would like but I don't think it is very factory legit.
I had a 73 vert w/ a 302 and it had a cage-looking square basket w/ an overflow tank like you describe. I wonder if it was factory? Sure, post a pic, I'm curious...
No factory overflow tank in 71-3's

Ohio Mustang Supply

[Image: oms_sig_banner.jpg]
73GoldGlowMach;32329 Wrote:I had a 73 vert w/ a 302 and it had a cage-looking square basket w/ an overflow tank like you describe. I wonder if it was factory? Sure, post a pic, I'm curious...

Here are the pics but sounds like according to the others it is not factory legit. It doesn't really look it either... As you can see, the hose comes out of the cap mouth and is routed under the rad support to the passenger side. You can see the end of the hose under that wire frame that apparently held an overflow bottle. At least that's what I was told. As indicated earlier, its probably a later add on.

.jpg   IMG_1436.JPG (Size: 62.16 KB / Downloads: 104)

.jpg   IMG_1437.JPG (Size: 55.71 KB / Downloads: 103)

OMS;32330 Wrote:No factory overflow tank in 71-3's

So I guess the one in the 1973 Ford Accessory brochure was just available from the Ford Dealers. Still would be cool to find an original one.
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