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Over charging
Guys I have a 72 Mach 1 with a 351 automatic and I cannot seem to figure out my over charging issues the alternator was replaced due to no charge after that still wasn’t charging full fielded the alt and was working replaced the regulator and no charge laid over new wires for regulator now charging but at 15 volts tried different regulators and no change any ideas would be great
To begin with, please go to the introduction section of the forum and introduce yourself and your car. Be forewarned, we like pictures.

I agree, 15 volts is generally too high. Have you let it run a few minutes to see if it comes down? If so, are you sure your voltmeter is accurate? I've seen them that are further off than 1/2 volt.

Are you sure you re-wired your regulator connector correctly? There are two different schematics, one with gauges and one with idiot light. Here's a set of wiring diagrams

Are the alternator connections correct?

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Check that your battery ground cable connects a ground 1) at the voltage regulator /apron and 2) at the block. Clean, bare-metal grounds with good cable. Adding another ground at the rear of the engine to the rear firewall won't hurt at all.

It may not be the source of your overcharging, but if not grounded properly it can be.
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