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Other Muscle Cars
I spend so much time staring at my 71 mustang, it doesn’t leave a lot of spare time to look at some of the cars build by Detroit in the muscle car era. Of course the icons of the era are burned into my brain, ie the 69 Camaro, but I never paid much attention to the other less iconic cars.

I know the ford's racing program was a big driving force behind the styling of our beloved long nose 71-73 stangs. This got me thinking…Racing was huge in the late 60’s and early 70’s, so what other cars of this time followed this similar styling design? I think it would be fun to figure out what other 'off-brand' car most resembled the 71-73 stang.

My vote is for the 70 GTO
[Image: 726iyo.jpg]

The roof line closely resembles the coupe roof - specially behind the quarter window. Only the rear window follows the roof line, where the mustang coupe rear window is vertical. Also the door/quarter window design looks almost identical. The body line is similar to the mustang but does not carry across the entire car. The GTO also has a long nose, although it is no match for the 71-73 nose.

What car is your vote?

.jpeg   images-6.jpeg (Size: 5.42 KB / Downloads: 169)

The Torino, and of course AMC Javelin

.jpeg   images-5.jpeg (Size: 5.2 KB / Downloads: 169)

It might be lonely at the Top...But it's a Bitch at the Bottom
Geez, so many possibilities.
70ies Torino of course. 1970 Chevelle, 69 Chevy Nova, Coronets and Roadrunners from 68 to 70, 1971-72 Plymouth Roadrunner, GRX or Satellite.
70-71 Cuda.
The obvious 68-69 Charger....
I'd love to have one of each. :-)

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


"If I were you...... I´d rather be me."  Tongue

Check out my video:

[Image: 2yvjjo0.jpg]
[Image: 23wc9y.jpg]
[Image: 2usv95k.jpg]

Newt's 69 Firebird. Fastest freaking car I have ever ridden in.

[Image: 28iw51u.png]
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Gene Stallings
Ford - I'd have to go with the 1969 or 70 Torino. If we are talking other than Ford then 1970 Dodge Challenger. As far as Chevy...ehhh....69 Camaro isn't that bad if you like the distributor in the back of the engine.

-Former 70 & 72 Mustang Owner.
-69 Torino GT, Formal Roof, 351W, Edelbrock 600 cfm, Edelbrock 351W Performer RPM intake, headers, AOD trans, dual flowmasters w/H pipe, Pertronix II Billet, 3.5 TRACLOC g/r, 15" Magnum 500s, 100A alt, aluminum radiator, electric fan, Pro-car seats, mini-starter...owned since Dec 13.
-70 Mach 1, 351W, Edelbrock E-Street EFI, VHX instrument cluster, Hooker headers, dual flowmasters, Pertronix II, 15" Magnum 500s, 150A alt, aluminum radiator, dual electric fans, Pro-car seats, mini-starter
Early Cougar XR7 was just a brute looking car. My favorite besides classic Mustangs.
1974-1976 XB Falcon, in a fat brother-ish kinda way.....(not exactly off-brand, but certainly "off-country")...

[Image: me_095.jpg]

[Image: 98707.jpg]

[Image: stangprofile3.jpg]
I think the trans am's styled and built alot like our years of mustang..Love the old super duty T/A...I think from any other maker "besides ford" It was close...And very flashy like our years.
RonEvenson;125081 Wrote:The Torino, and of course AMC Javelin

Wow, you ain't lying...The '71/72 AMC Javelin looks every close to the 71-73 mustang. The 'bubble' front fenders sure are ugly...Glad ford designers didn't do that...

[Image: dwduus.jpg]
AMC javelins do..But makes sense...They used alot of ford parts and such anyways..lol
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