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Original 351C 4V 2-piece, 4-groove valves vs. single-groove (PHOTOS)
Had a very hard time finding a comparison shot online when I went to buy my new ones, so I figured I'd add some here for reference.

The 2-piece, 4-groove valves on the left are the originals from my open-chamber '72 D1ZE heads. Those on the right are new Alex's Parts stainless 1-piece single-groove valves with matching Alex keepers and retainers:

[Image: 2znoc9u.jpg]

[Image: 21cci1x.jpg]

FoMoCo lettering on the original intake valve:

[Image: 6gd1ro.jpg]

Alex's parts single groove locks and matching retainers:

[Image: 2czyic1.jpg]


[Image: satellite-valiant-mustang-license-tags-signature.png]
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