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Order of Assembly
Say you have your Convertible all painted and ready to put back together, in what order should parts go? Is it best to get it all painted to start reassembly or can it be in primer and painted later down the road? Thanks for your input!
fenders off while you put the engine in, doors off while you put the interior in, hood on once its running and good. line it all up and adjust once its sitting on its own final parts and assemblies. Stand back and smile. Smile
Here are the highlights I had written it down as I went. I did it in the following, but obviously, as they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat...

Painted body, underside and engine compartment
Installed doors, fenders hood, front bumper, trunk lid, rear valance for fitment purposes
Applied sound deadener to wheel wells, cowl, etc
Assembled front and rear suspension and steering (get a rolling chassis)
Removed front fenders, hood, front bumper, and trunk lid
Installed parking brake and cables
installed new brakes and brake lines, master cylinder, gas tank and gas lines
installed air box under dash
Installed dash and main wiring harnesses from to back, ignition, dash switches, and tail lights
installed engine and trans (install heat shield on engine before putting in the car)
installed convertible roof frame and hydraulics
Installed all the door and quarter panel beltline molding, bumpers, door and roof weatherstripping
installed door handles and latches
installed windshield and side glass and power window motors
installed windshield molding and convertible roof latches
installed various engine compartment stuff.... washer bottle, horns, wiper motor, alternator, pulleys, radiator and shroud, battery tray, charcoal canister, etc
Connect electricals one part at a time. This where I just started testing heater blower, roof, wiper, and window motors, rear and side parking and brake lights. Fix ground issues, etc as needed.
Installed gauges and speedo cable
Installed the driveshaft
Made adjustments to the shift linkage and neutral safety switch to get the ignition key shifter lockout and rear brake lights working.
Installed the driver's seat
At this point, I decided to do what was needed to get the engine fired up (e.g. fuel line, rad. and heater hoses, vacuum lines, electrical, etc)
Installed front fender splash guards, shock tower covers, front fenders, headlight buckets, hood and latches
Spent hours adjusting hood, doors, roof, door and quarter window glass (don't try for perfection yet, as you will re-adjust the glass later when the roof material is installed)
Installed front and rear valance and bumpers, grill, trunk lid/weather stripping, latch
Installed Convertible chrome hockey stick moldings
Installed convertible roof and well liner
Re-adjusted glass.
Installed A/C compressor and lines ( i did not charge the system)
Removed the Driver's seat
Interior floor matting and carpet and then the rest of the interior parts i.e. speakers, dash and door trim, console, front seats and belts)
Spent time testing seatbelt buzzer and door jamb switch functionality to make sure it all worked as it should.
Install water shields in doors and quarter panels
Install door panels and rear seat.

Top off all fluids, safety check, say a prayer that you did not forget anything important and drive it!

1973 H Code Convertible - Medium Copper Metallic - June 8, 1973, Built Ford Marketing Sales Vehicle
[Image: DSC_0266xsm.jpg]
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Thanks Guys for your input!  thumb
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