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one of the best 351C building write ups
This is one of the most complete and accurate write ups on building a 351C to live I've found. It is slanted towards a high power build but lots of information is useful in a mild street build that you want to last. JMO Chuck
That is good! Read half of the article before my eyes started to glaze over.
Noticed a couple of interesting comments. Even though you use a roller style cam,
you still need a high ZDDP oil, distributor drive gear needs it. Also Ford
recommends an initial timing advance of 16 for the 351C w/4V iron heads.
That's were my engine is set! Loves it.
I will keep reading, lots of facinating info. Thank You!


[Image: 1_11_11_13_11_50_27.png]
It is a great article, with lots of great information. I think everyone who is building their own needs to reed the article.

In preparing my build requirements, basically:

1. Building to 351 BOSS Spec
2. Not driven over 4000 for extended periods of time.
3. DURABILITY is of utmost importance.

I inquired of George personally and one of the people referred to in the article. Certain things George mentioned put a scare into me, but they ended up not being necessary. The most important/expensive being the $400 oil galley bushing and the very expensive forged pistons he recommended(probably an extra $300).

That is not to say they would not help. But the oil galley doesn't come into play unless you have extended RPM time over 4000, which I don't. And the forged pistons don't come into play unless your motor is generating 300 horsepower for extended/repetitive , operations, which I probably couldn't afford(aka motor fuel).

And, George does drive a Pantera. I would expect those engines to be turning 4500+ RPM a lot longer, more often then I do in my Mustang. But if I did have a Pantera....zoom zoom zoom.

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