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Ole Pony
Great idea for a website. The 71-73's are becoming more popular. I've noticed more restoration parts becoming available too. Not sure I would want to try and restore a Mustang II though, they are the real "Black Sheep" of Mustangs!

We have four Mustangs here at home. A Wimbleton White 73 Mustang Convertible, a Dark Highland Green 2001 Mustang Bullitt and two 2004 Mach 1's; one Azure Blue and one Oxford White.

I've owned my 73 Convert since 1974, but was actually there the day my girlfriend (at the time) bought it new at the dealship! In fact I convinced here to get the convertible instead of the Grandé she liked.

Anyway I may be able to answer a lot of questions about the originality of 1973 items as mine is entirely stock. Just had it's first repaint in March since the car was new. I got plenty of before, during and after pictures I took during the preparation and repaint.

I will try to post some more pictures soon.

I am a moderator on the mach1club.com website as RARE PONY if you want to check it out too. It's a small but growing website that started up last fall and has several 71 to 73 Mach 1 owners as members.

Looking forward to seeing more members here!

[Image: DSCF8162.jpg]

[Image: DSCF8165.jpg]

[Image: DSCF8166.jpg]

[Image: DSCF8168.jpg]

[Image: DSCF8174.jpg]

[Image: DSCF8183.jpg]

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

Our current Mustang garage/driveway
1973 Mustang Convert - Bought in 1974 - Still have it!
2004 Mach 1 Oxford White Auto, Bought Sept 06

[Image: 20180127_082009.jpg]

upload a photo on internet

Welcome to 71-73 Mustangs! That is a beautiful 73 Vert!

There is another forum for other Mustangs in the board index...you can post photos of you other cars if you like! (I didn't want to exclude any Mustangs! Love them all!!)

[Image: 1gq8uo.png]
1971 Mach 1 - 306cid/C4 Bright Yellow
"Just relax, I've got a friend named Felix who can fix anything!" ~James Bond
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