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old truck
Anyone recognize this old Chevy truck?

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c9zx;185123 Wrote:Anyone recognize this old Chevy truck?

NICE!! Farm truck! I always liked that truck. Where did you see that??


1971 Mach 1
408C Stroker
C4 w/3,000 stall
8.8" Rear w/3.73's
Disc brakes all way around.

[Image: 28ivsix.png]

A good friend of mine does some work for the crew that runs with Farm Truck. I was there getting new tires on my truck.
Under the hood is a somewhat different story. Chuck

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Sleeper. That's some impressive iron under the hood,how many cubes ?

He has all the vices I admire and none of the virtues I despise
Rumor is, it is a 632 CID engine.
I love that truck. I'll be happy if my street/strip Mustang could keep that truck's tail lights in sight.Sad
Luke;185132 Wrote:Sleeper. That's some impressive iron under the hood,how many cubes ?

Yep, it all go and no show!


M code 71 Mach 1, 351 4V Cleveland, Ram Air (not factory), C6 Trans, 3.5 rear
I used to watch that show all the time...cool old truck...thanks for sharing, now I know it's real
new season starts tonight.
dude, my co-workers introduced me to that truck on youtube, all I could muster was, "oh damn." Smile
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