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old original photos
I got these photos from my car's original owners second wife (she is apparently a second owner of him Smile.  I had purchased the car from someone else two owners later.

She sent me original pictures with faded writing on the back.  The one with the owner (Randy) in the driver's seat says on the back "The day Randy got his Mach 1 June 1973.  My car was sold in June of that year.

Couple of other things - is it me or does he have very wide tires in the back and the rear jacked up?  Also, looks like he pulled a trailer at one time.
Thank you to MikeIT5.0 as his post about documentation got me moving to find the first owner and ask for this stuff. 
[Image: mach_1_old_photos.jpg]

paste image
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Looks like maybe air shocks in the back. Very popular in the day.

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Nice pictures, wish I could find some of mine. Ryan

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1972 Mach 1, Grabber Blue, 302/C4, currently under construction
(02-10-2017, 04:39 PM)gpierce Wrote: Looks like maybe air shocks in the back. Very popular in the day.

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Yup. I was thinking the same. The car had air shocks in it when I got it but they did not look like they were from 1973.

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Wow, those are sweet! Baby pictures of your ride! Smile


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I don't have a picture of my current 73 vert from any previous owners, but I do have pictures of my 73 vert from back in 1975.... Sold it in 1984, little did I know back then how rare it was with its 6C medium Goldenrod color with white interior.... only 23 made.

With big rear tires, air shocks and thrush side pipes. Oh those were the days ....LOL!

[Image: 1973_Mustang_The_First_one_Circa_1976.jpg]
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I still have not found my photo albums with car pictures. Here are a couple made in early 80's just before I parked the car in the barn. At one time I had G-60 X 14" on rear on chrome reverse rims. Has the stock aluminum wheels here. The files are scanned pics of car at wedding. Went from church to .25 cent car wash to get the shaving cream off. If you look close at the picture you can see the plastic covered chain that was around the hood latch with pad lock added. They said they were going to put sardines on the engine, lol. They knew if they put shoe polish on the car I would probably destroy their car so they used shaving cream and toilet paper. I forget what year bad marriage, lol.

[Image: IMG.jpg]

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