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Ok...Sportster concept hit a snag of sorts.
Took my concept photo to another body shop who deals with only muscle cars...not just classic cars and collision work. Guy says it shouldn't be too much of a problem. He was a Ford guy so he says we just take the Grandé style coupe as a base, fold in the sail panel a bit, a little metal work here and there and we got my concept. Gonna cost around 2k for the work.
I'm not really concerned about cost right now. My concern is what he said about the back window.....all of that's gonna have to be done to make it look good and the roof lines fluid, and new glass will have to be cut, due to the Grandé's concave style glass. I didn't know what to say cause I didnt design that part yet, so I told him I'd have to get back to him. Any thoughts guys? I'm kinda stalled and this is the only thing I came up with. I totally forgot to work on that part. Does this flow well?? I guess I kinda mocked up a 68 coupe glass style. Any other design thoughts? Please forgive my ms paint skills......

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Quite frankly, I like it.

One of the problems with the SportsRoof is the nearly flat glass in the rear. Makes it difficult to use the rear view mirror to see how many car lengths one has on the chebby in the other lane Smile.

That is what I love about the coupe. You know that back end glass (on your rendering) looks sort of like the '69 Cougar. What do you think? Are my ole eyes deceiving me again?

Yeah, kinda like the cougar (I had a 70) meets a mustang 68 coupe. Sweetiepie says make it more like a small rectangle like on the convertibles.
Sounds to me like it is pretty much settled. If "Sweetie Pie" is like my "Honey", that opinion is going to mean the MOST in the long run.

I really think you are on to something, here. I am looking forward to the evolution of the project.

Keep on pushing!

Big Grin we all know the sweeties have the say so.......
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