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OK cam guys
Stock 1970, 351c 4bbl, cc heads, headers ect., freeway cruse 2k rpm @65 mph/5spd/370's. Two cam choices, both solid mechanical.

1. LSA: 114*, AD DUR. 278*-288*, 234*/244*@.050, .544”/ .530” LIFT, LC=112*(+2*), IO-27*, IC-71*, EO-80*, EC-28*

2. LSA: 114*, 280*-290*, 236*/246* @.050, .550”/.535” LIFT
LC=112*(+2*), IO-28*, IC-72*, EO-81*, EC-29*

Any ideas on the rpm range, low and high?
Quick cams or pigs? What do ya'll think????????j
The 2 listed cams are for all intents and purposes the same. Lift is reasonable and an improvement over stock, duration is good, but remember you lose .022 to valve lash, so this is still a mild cam. Power will be all in by 5500 rpm. I would expect. No reason to go solid with that mild of a profile. Both of those cams should work well in a stockish vehicle and should have plenty of vacuum for brakes and A/C controls

If you are going solid for performance and are willing to do the every 5000 mile lash adjustment, at least use a cam that will be a bit more radical. you can go up to about .570-.600 without a stud girdle.

[Image: 1_01_07_15_8_53_18.png]

"I love my Hookers!" and "Get some Strange" probably have a different connotation to non automotive enthusiasts!
Yeah, what Jeff said.

Mine is: LSA: 112*, AD DUR. 274*/274*, .566" Lift or 214*/214*@.500" Lift (not sure about the rest of your numbers)

However, I'm running roller everything in a 351C-2V with Edelbrock induction. CompCams says expect around 400hp.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Lash range is .010-.016, all in by 55-6000 is what I want. Smoothe and quick is the goal. Why solids? Just to be different. Setting lash is something to do in the winter, if we have one. Thanks for the input....j
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