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oil sender issue
I was having a problem with oil pressure that I had mention in a previous  post. The first thing I planned to do was change the oil sender. I had replaced it 5 years ago when I bought the car. I went to change it tonight which I thought would be a 5 minute job. I just spins. it must be striped out. Any ideas on how to removed it.  This car is starting to get on my nerves.

John J
what is spinning ??? the whole thing or the threaded part? if the whole thing it sounds like the sender has split itself into 2 parts. are u able to get a wrench under it ?? if the threads then drilling it out is bad idea. maybe an easy out. if u do need to drill fill the drill bit with grease to trap drillings.
The oil pressure sender has a hex on the fitting for a wrench. Don't remember the size offhand.

[Image: PS60_Tphoto_primary_ra_p.jpg]

John, I assume you have an oil pressure gauge with  the can type oil  pressure sender/ switch. I have an old Snap On Tools wrench that was made for the can type oil pressure sender I use, but not worth the trouble of tracking down for the occasional use.  You can use a 9/16" crows foot socket wrench or a short standard wrench and a lot of patience to remove the switch. A lot of folks have tried to remove the switch by using the can. Occasionally it will come loose and then like happens to most people the can will break loose and just spin. Considering the location on a  351C or 429 the hex can be hard to get a standard wrench on.
If on a oil pressure light car you can use a 1 1/16" deep socket placed directly over the switch (SW-1311) and it should come right out.
You don't necessarily have to use a Motorcraft sender even i do tend to plug Motorcraft products a lot. The Motorcraft gauge sender is Ford # E4ZZ-9278-A or Motorcraft SW-1547-B. If using a parts house such as Napa, Advance etc, just make sure you get something from their premium line.

[Image: sw_1547.jpg]


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
I did my own oil sender wrench with a cheap 9/16. Bend it to form a U shape. the use a 9/16 bolt with a nut on the closed end so you can use a ratchet to loosen o tighten it. [Image: 9bcecc54fcee0e5e5a61a56a47bb3904.jpg][Image: 4e0213ea4150f73d7ff41d194ba998f6.jpg]

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Nice! I wish they would sell something like that. I've seen the crowfoot end that goes on a ratchet extension and an offset wrench that has both box ends.
I was being lazy and not too smart. I went and looked at it the next day and found that the shell was turning not the whole unit. I put a small open end wrench on the fitting and spun right off. Installed a new one and are good to go.

John J
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