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oil pan gasket
I know this is probably a dumb question but does any make a one piece oil pan gasket for a 351C engine. These four part gaskets are a PITA.

drive it like you stole it
Not that I am aware of. I built two 351C's several years ago, both leaked. I thought it was the rear main, but I took my 72 apart (dropped pan) and immediately knew the pan gasket popped inside during tightening. One fixed! The other on my '69 Mach - I bought a new pan gasket for but haven't had time to take apart. I wondered about and looked for a one piece gasket, but could not find one for the 351C. Getting a leak free install is possible, but given my track record I am going to shut up now! ;-)

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+1 on the track record. Every one I've tried have leaked. The Cheby guy have it over on us with their pan gaskets.

drive it like you stole it
I have done away with the gaskets and use silicone.
T-Tom thanks for the idea. Will the silicone hold up to racing conditions?

drive it like you stole it
Mine always has. I use it on the Mustang as well as the Formula 3 car.
My father taught me a trick when I was a kid, he use to take thread and run it through each bolt hole and gasket to hold the gasket in place. Once he placed the pan back onto the engine he would remove one thread at a time and start a bolt!

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