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Hey Guys
Ok so the 73 Q code 4 speed has done 86,000 miles( original), 2 owners and she's burning oil and blowing nice blue smoke! It runs like a dream, idles perfect,has plenty of power and hasn't done alot of miles in the last ten or so years. But when out for my sunday drives and cruising along at 55 -60 mph take your foot off the throttle and then out comes some good clouds of blue smoke not constant but in puffs. anyway its only done about 150 miles since I got her and the oil level is real low on the dip stick when it was right up on arrival when I checked all the levels. Like I said it runs so sweet but the oil burning has me a bit worried. Any idea's . Rings or valve stem seals ?
Valve stem seals, or the drain holes in the heads are stopped up, probably a combination. those are a simple fix without removing the heads.
Like don29163 said, I had the same issue when I bought my car, and it was the Vale stem seals.

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Thanks guys
so whats the best method to replace them?
Years ago we did a mates fairlane using a compressor
but now reading about using rope or just going TDC
Just glad i thought to ask about this before I pulled the damn motor out
and went for a rings and bearings job as its been a while since I played lol
I ll definitly check in before i unlock the tool box
thanks again
Fat Dave (tommy)
First thing I would do is a compression/leakdown check on your rings.

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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
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