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Often overlooked
A lot of people often overlook checking this fluid level. You could easily get into an accident if you run out and then a vital component of the car stops working.

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I better run out and get some of that! Lord knows, I would hate for my blinkers to stop working because of a lack of lubrication. rofl

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Now that's differant!!TongueTongue


Greg, I wouldn't post things like that! There could could be women reading this! Hehe

[Image: Image3.png]
I wonder if that will help my front blinkers, one is brighter than the other.

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now that's why so many people in Rhode Island don't us blinkers, because they don't carry that brand around us Big Grin

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OMG!!!!.....that's the blink'en problem I've had all along all these years!!! Thanks, now I can move along to solving the halleluiah whattheheckisthis issue!!!
Guys, this is only a marketing trick. You don't need that stuff. Everyone knows that on vintage cars (and new French cars) the blinker fluid automatically tops itself off when it rains. Duh!

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Ok- I love it! LOL! I thought the auto industry stopped putting them on cars since people do not remember what they are for!!

I keep a gallon on hand at all times. When folks whan me to work on thier junk I charge em for top up thier blinkers.Angel

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