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Off for Final Paint
[Image: 20190920-084038.jpg]Well, I took her out on the road for the first time today. Out of the neighborhood that is.

Drove about 8 miles to Hot Rod Express in Blue Springs MO to have the argent applied to the lower front fenders.  I thought this was a cool picture.

Brakes worked good, turn signals, power steering, shifter, engine was OK.  Oil pressure was very good and the temperature stayed low.  

When driving about 35 to 45 I had a fairly high frequency vibration.  It felt like either vibration in the wheel bearings or the drive shaft, but it did continue when the clutch was disengaged, so I am thinking I have something wrong in the front axles.  It could be a driveshaft issue.  The Speedometer needle was a little bouncy too.

I am on new tires and a driveway string alignment at this point.  It tracked straight when I let go of the wheel, (no left or right pull) but it didn't feel tight and stable.  Possibly my camber setting is to close to zero or even negative.

Any good suspension and steering experts out there that know where to look for better driveability?

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