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OEM shoulder belts
Looking for a pair of black OEM shoulder belts in good condition and with (preferably) intact clip bushings for a 1971 Mach 1.
Found a pair on ebay. As Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say on SNL, "Never mind."
I used to watch SNL back then, when it was good with the original cast.  You are probably aware of this, but there was originally a plastic bushing that held the shoulder belt clip snugly to the lap belt.  Those plastic bushings broke fairly quickly when the cars were new, and there was a recall to install two little rubber bushings onto each latch.  Mine '71 belt clip had nothing, so I would clip the shoulder belt to the lap belt and it would just slide off while driving.  So I rigged up a rubber band temporarily to keep the two buckles together.  Then I discovered the recall and found that numerous vendors online sell the original little packs of rubber bushings from the recall.  You could even find a similar size at someplace like Home Depot.  With the rubber bushings in place the shoulder and lap belt buckles remain firmly latched together.  It's certainly not as safe as a modern car, but I feel better with the shoulder belt latched securely in place.  Back in the early 80's I was a passenger in a low speed crash (cruising around in snow and ice when we shouldn't have been) in a '73 Mercury Montego which must have had the shoulder belts removed (friend's parent's car).  Anyway, with only the lap belt in place the bridge of my nose met the dash pad in the crash.  Broke my nose and the blood made quite a mess!  Car was totaled, actually bent at the roof.
Yes there was a recall to put the rubber O-rings in place of the nylon bushing. Here are pictures of the Ford part #. I have no idea where the package is now so I cannot measure but they were just a common O-ring and you install two on each post. During the recall they actually would remove your plastic ones if still there and put the rubber O-rings on. They recalled my 71 Maverick also.
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