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OEM 71-3 Mustang Radios
Another thing related to the radio that should be noted here. The bezel, die cast chrome and black surround around the radio is different when you got AM / 8 Track. The rectangle hole is larger. A regular one can be cut out and used if you look on the back side you can see on the upper edge where a larger opening goes to.
None of the Mustangs had the lower slide bar just cars with rear speakers like Thunderbird. The balance for front speakers is the outside nob on the tuner if I remember correct. The slide is for balance on the rear speakers so would have never been on Mustang. The one in my pictures is not a Mustang radio but from Big Ford line up.
Funny thing is the radio block off plate sells for more than a radio. Very difficult to find. They got tossed when the radio was installed. One of my cars is a one of one because of the radio Delete, lol. Marti could not find anything else.

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Just to add to this great flow of information.  Sometime back I was requested to post the original 8 Track that came with the car when delivered.  Definitely some interesting songs back in the day.  Here is the vid.


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