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Three mischievous old Grandmas were
sitting on a bench outside the nursing
home when an old Grandpa walked by.
One of the old Grandmas yelled out,
'Hey, we bet we can tell exactly how old you are!'

The old man said, 'There is no way you
can guess my age!

One of the Grandmas said, 'Sure
we can! Just drop your pants and
undershorts and we can tell your
exact age.'

Embarrassed, but anxious
to prove they couldn't do it,
he dropped his drawers.

The Grandmas asked him to first turn
around a couple of times and then jump
up and down several times. Determined
to prove them wrong, he did it. Then they
all said in unison,'You're 87 years

Standing with his pants down around
his ankles, the old gent asked, 'How in
the world did you guess my age?'

Slapping their knees, high fiving and grinning from ear to ear, the three old ladies happily crowed.....

We were at your birthday party yesterday.
That´s the only good thing with Alzheimers disease: You meet new people everyday.

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"If I were you...... I´d rather be me."  Tongue

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